Life through the lens

It’s a very busy time with the new year brings new possibilities and most of all some great art fairs and events are imminent.

I have spent today ferrying work to and fro for a group exhibition celebrating female artists and coinciding with International Women’s Day. Four female artists from different continents and at different stages of their careers showcasing four different genres of art. As I mentioned in my last post, it’s a lovely gallery, light, spacious and airy. I am excited to be part of this exhibition and really marking International Women’s Day which is 8th of March, my dear mothers birthday!

This is an opportunity to show my art work from the Colour in Motion, Smoke Swirl, Water Drop and Floral Series all under one roof and that’s just my work. It will be a nice mix of painting, photography.

Fingers crossed, it will be a little warmer by then. I must confess, Spring time is my favorite time of year. It always makes me feel optimistic, what with baby lambs and ducklings that is when we start to see fresh, uplifting and invigorating colour in our gardens and on the streets.

If you couldn’t tell already, I don’t mind sharing with you. I LOVE COLOUR!

Strangely enough, years ago when I used to draw I was always afraid to use colour and only worked in pencil and charcoal. But now I embrace colour and respect its properties as to one degree or another colours resonate with us all at different levels. All too often we are so busy in our daily lives that we don’t stop to appreciate what is around us and living life behind the lens has forced me to really observe the world around me and I am grateful for that, I am also grateful that I have the ability to share the world as seen through my eyes.


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